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Shellac Nails Ireland: Over 300 Colours Salon Shellac Nail Polish Now Available!

Special Offers, Tips, Trends, Instructions & Where to Buy Shellac Nail Polish & Nail Lamps. Just € 9 & FREE Delivery!

Check out our Shellac Instruction Videos

If you want to do shellac nails at home you will need to know how. There is a skill to perfect shellac manicures and our “how to” videos will give you a quick lesson to help you.

For a perfect manicure for up to 2 weeks you have to follow the system and use a UV or LED lamp. Watch our videos below and learn a knew skill that you will love to use again and again!

How to apply shellac nail polish

How to remove shellac nail polish

  • Five Easy as Mince Pie Christmas Gel Nail Designs

    Five Easy as Mince Pie Christmas Gel Nail Designs

    While you are decking the halls with boughs of holly, untangling your Christmas lights and wrestling with the tree, don’t forget the most fun portable holiday decoration of all – falala-fabulous gel nail polish designs. You can be as creative and complicated as you wish of course, but if you are looking for some simple designs that won’t take more time or skill than you have, here are five easy peasy gel nails designs for the festive season. You can relax and stay in the holiday spirit knowing that no matter how ugly things get with wrapping the presents, decking the halls and cooking up a Christmas feast, shellac style gel nails can take it. Get to work like a busy Christmas elf secure in the knowledge that your gel nail polish will not chip or scratch and you will not be frantically repairing it when guests are arriving. For… Read More »
  • Get Inspired with the Divine & Demonic Collection

    Get Inspired with the Divine & Demonic Collection

    The damp, dreary autumn days are perfect for getting comfortable with a hot cup of tea and your gel nail kit to create some nail art that is anything but dreary. You can capture the moody, brooding sense of the season when we are all waiting for Halloween with the Divine and Demonic collection of gel nail polish colours. The demonic nail polish is deep and dramatic, while the divine colours add a splash of sparkle to keep the look from getting too heavy. The contrast when you combine them is captivating. When you know how to apply gel nails, those cold, damp days aren’t so dreary; they’re a chance to create some stunning nail art. The Divine and Demonic gel nail polish collection includes six dramatic colours to add to your gel nail kit. Three sparkle like the stars on a clear night, and the three others brood demonically.… Read More »
  • Gel Nail Polish – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

    Gel Nail Polish – What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

    Gel Nail Polish – What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Doing your own gel nails at home is so easy and gel nail polish is so durable, it seems completely fool proof.  When gel nails are done right, they are the absolute must stunning and gorgeous option out there.  But they can go wrong.  Problems can happen.  But don’t worry; we’ve got some great tips here to help you avoid any gel nail disasters.  The real secret, as with most things, is to really understand the big picture and how it works. Choose Your Gel Nails Technician Carefully Your gel nails technician makes a huge difference.  If she’s applying your gel nail polish carelessly without proper preparation, you aren’t going to get the results you should.  It is critical that the polish not touch your skin.  It must be applied only to your nail, and the base and top coats must… Read More »
  • Are Your Feet Ready for Sandal Season?

    Are Your Feet Ready for Sandal Season?

    Summer is in full swing, and it is high time to start getting your feet ready for sandals instead of hiding them away in runners. It’s easy to neglect your feet during the winter, but they deserve better. Make amends and give them some pampering. If you know how to do gel nails at home and have your own gel nail kit, you can get your toes as gorgeous as the rest of you. Pampering and caring for your feet is not a big chore. It’s a treat! Sure, you could just put some gel nail polish on your toenails and hope no one looks too closely, but don’t you deserve more than looking good? What about feeling good too? Our feet work so hard, a little foot pampering is the least we can do. And it is fun to do a gel nail pedicure. For starters, your feet will… Read More »
  • What Did We Do Before Gel Nail Kits?

    What Did We Do Before Gel Nail Kits?

    A brief history of nail polish Long before women learned how to do gel nails at home, before gel nail kits were even invented, our foremothers were fussing about trying to their nails to look nice. They would no doubt swoon at the amazing results we get today with gel nail polish. Once upon a time, we had only old school regular nail varnish – no glitter, no nail art. (Some of us can remember those days, even if we don’t like admitting to being that old!) But even before that, long before that in fact, women were trying to get glam nails. Before women started beautifying their nails, however, it was the men who were looking to smarten up their nails. Yes, back in ancient Babylonia it seems the men would have been drooling over today’s tough and durable gel nails. Artefacts from about 3200 BC indicate that men… Read More »
  • Show Off Some Sporty Shellac Nails

    Show Off Some Sporty Shellac Nails

    Whether you are avidly following the FA Cup finals or cheering for the kids at their GAA match, you can show your support for your favourite teams and sports by doing your shellac nails at home with the team colours.  Shellac nails won’t last the whole season, but they will stay glossy and gorgeous for two whole weeks, even if you are out on the pitch playing yourself instead of watching from the comfort of the couch. When you are ordering your gel nail polish, take a moment to look for the colours of your favourite teams and your county too.  Don’t forget the club where your children or your nieces and nephews play.  They will only be delighted when they see your shellac nails done for their big matches.  And if you are a carefree singleton who fancies a particular local player or fan, this is an excellent ice… Read More »
  • Stopping Three Bad Habits Your Gel Nails Don’t Deserve

    Stopping Three Bad Habits Your Gel Nails Don’t Deserve

    You love your nails enough to invest in a gel nails kit and learn how to do gel nails at home step by step. You want great looking nails, you really do… and yet… something is getting between you and those long, lovely shellac nails you crave. It’s your own bad habits. It is never easy to stop a habit, and by now your New Year’s resolutions are probably a hazy memory. But if you really want gorgeous gel nails, you have to mend your ways. It is possible to stop destructive habits, but first let’s look at three of those bad habits that undo all of your efforts when you do your shellac nails at home. Biting your nails. Has this plagued you since childhood? If it has, maybe you think you’ve tried everything. But there is no point in learning how to apply gel nails at home if… Read More »
  • How to Keep Your Nails Luxuriously Long with Gel Nail Polish

    How to Keep Your Nails Luxuriously Long with Gel Nail Polish

    Many women dream of having lavish, lovely long fingernails but struggle to get them to grow without breaking.  We get impatient and wonder, naturally enough, about how to grow them faster so we can do gel nails at home that long as great as the ones in magazines and ads.  We’ve read tips in magazines, heard about home remedies through the grapevine and seen products in the health food store all purporting to offer the secret to faster growing, longer, stronger nails.  Guess what, girls?  Much of it is nonsense.  But not all of it.  If you are sick of looking at your gel nail kit and your short nails and feeling despair, read on for some reality about how you can… and can’t… grow gorgeous nails long enough for some fabulous nail art. Before you worry about how to do gel nails at home step by step, let’s focus… Read More »
  • Professional Beauty in Dublin 2013

    Professional Beauty in Dublin 2013

    COME AND SEE US IN DUBLIN - WE WILL BE THERE! Shellac Nails at the Professional Beauty Expo Ireland to Introduce You to our Latest and Best Selling Nail Products. Look for us at the OSMIUM BEAUTY stand! We're getting ready to put our best foot forward as Professional Beauty comes back to Ireland to host a wonderful seminar program keeping you completely up to date in styles and fashion for 2014, the latest and best beauty products, and practical business advice for the those working in the beauty industry. Two stages will be in use throughout the event, including the seminars presented by a variety of beauty industry professionals, medical professionals and entrepreneurs, including topics subjects from around the sector featuring enhanced procedures, skin care, nail fashion, cosmetics, tanning, lasers. Visitors can also avail of the opportunity pick up professional techniques from brand specialists performing live demonstrations. The best… Read More »
  • Tips for using Nail Art Pens

    Tips for using Nail Art Pens

    Tips for using Nail Art Pens The sky is not the limit for what you can do with nail art pens.  Really – sky blue nails with little clouds and birds are great for spring and summer, and that’s only the start of what you can do with a little practice.  Nail art pens give every woman a chance to show off some creativity with a completely unique manicure.  You don’t have to dive in at the deep end with elaborately detailed pictures.  The great thing about nail art is that you can start with simple things, and if a design doesn’t work out you aren’t stuck wearing it everywhere.  With a bit of nail polish remover, all is forgiven and forgotten, and you are ready to try again.  So how do you do it? First, let’s get a basic question out of the way.  What are nail art pens? … Read More »
  • How to Remove Shellac Nail Polish

    How to Remove Shellac Nail Polish

    You don't need anything fancy or expensive to remove shellac nail polish without doing any damage to your nails.  Just follow the simple instructions outlined below and you can chop and change your shellac nails any time you want. Shellac nail polish lasts an amazing two weeks or more, and really that is because most women’s nails grow enough in two weeks that the new growth shows. If you are looking at a manicure that has gone past its sell-by date, you might be asking yourself (and your friends) how do you remove shellac nail polish. You may have heard you can’t do it yourself, but the truth is that with the right materials and knowledge, removing shellac gel nail varnish  is not has hard as some salons would like you to think it is. You probably have most of what you need for shellac removal in your home already.… Read More »
  • How to Apply Shellac Nail Polish at Home

    How to Apply Shellac Nail Polish at Home

    You can Easily Follow these Simple Instructions and find out How to Apply Shellac Nail Polish at Home We all love a bit of indulgence at the nail salon, but sometimes it’s nearly impossible to fit in the budget or the schedule. We’re all hard-pressed for time and money these days it seems. But you can do your own shellac nails at home to save money while getting the latest and loveliest nail treatment. Applying shellac is simply and easy with a few professional tips and step by step instructions. Shellac is not like other nail finishes, that’s true. But if you can polish your nails, you can learn to do DIY shellac like a professional. It is not any harder to use than regular nail polish, but it does require a UV or LED nail lamp. It may take you slightly longer at first, but that is offset by… Read More »
  • What is a Shellac Manicure?

    What is a Shellac Manicure?

    If you’ve been reading about manicures, you may be asking yourself what is shellac manicure. A manicure with shellac nail polish is a revolutionary new type of polish that lasts two weeks, or even longer, with a stunning finish. It is a UV nail polish similar to gel, but even better. You can do a shellac manicure at home, once you learn where to buy shellac online and how to do the shellac base and top coat if you have a UV or LED nail lamp. Doing the base and top coats correctly is essential for the manicure to last. And yes, you can get a dazzling range of shellac colours. Shellac manicures have become massively popular over the last couple of years, and everyone wants to know what is shellac nail polish. This isn’t a fad that will soon fade. Shellac colours are gorgeously glossy and look freshly done… Read More »